Green Bay
Bay View Street Railway
The line was 1.6 miles long, ran from the Grren Bay Traction Main Street line straight north on Irwin St. to Bay Beach, an amusement park on the bay northeast of the city of Green Bay.  The line opened in the summer of 1909 with one car (in the picture - a case where we have photos of every single piece of rolling stock the line ever owned)  and the car later became Green Bay Traction line car #101.  As a line car it reportedly had 4 GE54A motors, K-12 control, and weighed 34,000#.  It was listed as built by McGuire-Cummings, and the trucks appear to be Mc-Guire 37, both as a passenger car and as a line car.
Caption data from James H. Graebner
Bill Volkmer Collection
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