Philadelphia, PA
The SEPTA era
PTC/SEPTA PCC car 2600 (St. Louis, 1942) was seen south on Richmond Street toward Allegheny Avenue while assigned to a route 60 schedule on Saturday, June 20, 1970.  The building on the left was the old Richmond Depot, which served routes 54 (Lehigh Avenue) and 60 (Allegheny Avenue) in the early 1950's.  When this depot closed on Sunday, June 5, 1955, route 60 was transferred to Allegheny Depot and route 54 was converted to bus operation and transferred to Cumberland Garage.  On Sunday, November 27, 1955, route 60 was transferred from Allegheny to Luzerne.  On Sunday, June 17, 1956, a new loop built at 35th and Allegheny enabled route 60 to be re-equipped with 2500-series PCC cars replacing 5200-series double-end cars at it remained two-man during normal hours.  The 2500's on route 60 were made surplus by reduced summer schedules on Chestnut-Walnut routes 13 and 42.  On Sunday, June 21, 1959, route 60 was converted to full-time one-man operation and given
2100-series all-electrics.  In 1968, air-electrics returned to route 60 when the 2100's were transferred from Luzerne to Woodland for the subway-surface car lines.  Ex-Toronto PCC's ran on route 60 from 1976 until its conversion to bus operation on Sunday, September 4, 1977.
Caption data from Dennis M. Linsky
Joe Testagrose collection
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