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Updated January 9 2017
A Note on finding Indiana Interurban and Streetcar items

Bottom Line Up Front: It's really complicated. I don't know how many different Indiana interurbans came to be, but Jerry Marlette wrote a book Electric Railroads of Indiana where he wrote "Case Histories" (start date, original or successor company, capital stock, first operation date, area served/mileage, rolling stock, final status of line, remarks) of all he could find, which extended almost 100 pages. In short, I can't begin to hope to capture everything

Another deeper level of complication was that with the diversity of operations, the line between a small city streetcar and a large interurban car was blurred -- some single truck cars went between cities especially in the early years. Are those streetcars or interurbans? How does one tell whether such a small car in a given location was a streetcar or interurban?

Rather than toss in the towel, I divided the Indiana world up into ... did the line eventually fold into the Indiana Railroad, or didn't it? A secret decoder ring for city service follows. Use Bill Vandervoort's map from the Links menu to help figure out where to look for certain cars.

StreetcarsFound Here
AndersonBecameIRR - UnionTractionStreetcars
Beech GroveIndyRwys
ElkhartNotPartOfIRR - Northern Indiana
ElwoodBecameIRR - UnionTractionStreetcars
Fort WayneBecameIRR - IndServCorpStreetcars
GoshenNotPartOfIRR - Northern Indiana
LafayetteBecameIRR - IndServCorpStreetcars
LaPorteNotPartOfIRR - Northern Indiana
LogansportBecameIRR - IndServCorpStreetcars
MarionBecameIRR - UnionTractionStreetcars
MuncieBecameIRR - UnionTractionStreetcars
PeruBecameIRR - IndServCorpStreetcars
South BendNotPartOfIRR - Northern Indiana
Terre HauteBecameIRR - THI&E
WabashBecameIRR - IndServCorpStreetcars

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Indiana Service Corporation Streetcars
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Union Traction Streetcars
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